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About me -


Hi, my name is Michael Fiugalski and I'm an industrial designer. I launched Grass Chair with the dream of creating a sustainable design studio that not only changed our way of thinking green, but also put quality, efficient design in reach of the masses. Through my formal training in industrial design and furniture making I was subjected to various types of designs, all of which inspired me in some capacity. Fortunately, these inspirations have led me to where I am today. Take a look around and see what I’ve come up with; I hope you like what you see.


Company Statement -


Grass Chair is responsible design. We create pieces based on the fundamentals of sustainability, efficiency, and last but not least, aesthetics. Whether it is a single piece for the home / office or multiple pieces on a LEED building project, we will work to make sure your needs and the needs of the space are met. We pride ourselves on building and designing concepts that not only look great, but also are functional and will last generations. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we would love to discuss any interest you may have with our products or a custom design you’ve been thinking of. Not only do we believe in great design for all, we believe in fairness. We guarantee our products against defects, for their life, so if they ever experience a quality issue just send them to us for a free repair or exchange.


In addition to all Grass Chair does for the environment, we also donate to cancer research; specifically, blood cancers. We understand that every little bit helps and there is certainly strength in numbers, so a percentage of sales of our Orange products goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Also, for every new fan we get on facebook we donate $1 to the same organizaton. Saving the environment and fighting cancer? It's a win-win...


We’re here to help. We love what we do. We are Grass chair. Thanks for stopping by.