grass chair
Design with a mission of being honest. We here at Grass Chair strive to design with a mission of what we think should not be considered too lofty. Our designs always have their priorities straight, focusing on the task given to them while being efficient and environmentally responsible. Can design have a conscience? We think so. Cool, classy, stylish and smart, yet responsible and honest. Who’s that? That’s you. That’s who we are.

AMIE - Furniture


Amie is a line of furniture that answers a lot of questions. It’s the cool kid with a lot of brains but isn’t at all arrogant and, like the name implies, a friend. Self-conscious? Nope. Earth conscious? Heck yeah. Are we talking about you or the furniture? We would like to think both.


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Amie Line

DIG - Apple Products


Dig is our product line that likes to question everything. Ever look at something and know without any hesitation that it just makes sense? As if all parts are working in one harmonious way to create something special. That’s Dig. It gets you, kind of like your best friend but without the drama.


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Dig Line

SPARK - Custom Projects


You’re smart, creative and know almost exactly what you want. We can help with that last part, and most likely make you look even smarter and more creative when it’s all over. Spark takes your ideas, works with you and creates something special. It’s a design consultancy with an outcome that is as unique as you. This is going to be fun..


Custom Group Custom Initials Soccer Ball

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Spark Design