Grass Chair
Amie Product Line

Zoey -

She’s a table with hidden qualities. Two hinged lids on both sides of a fixed middle reveals a storage area that extends her entire length. The additional lower shelf provides space for taller items and the inlayed stone on both of the hinged lids provides a surface that is very accommodating to crafts. Furthermore, Zoey’s stand over height is geared more towards the height of a kitchen counter, so when you have a task to perform you know your back won’t be reminding you of it afterwards. Go ahead and re-pot those plants, make a piece of art or trim your bonsai; Zoey is here to help. Beautifully finished in caramalized bamboo and stone.

Dimensions: Length - 60” Depth - 21” Height - 38” Inside storage compartment - 5”H x 59”L Lower shelf - 15” clearance

Zoey Table

Resten -

A coffee table that actually puts some thought into the room in which it is normally the centerpiece. He has presence, but with an indented base almost looks as if he is floating above the floor. On top there are four compartments covered by six stowable doors. The two center compartments are sectioned off to provide space for smaller objects, or say a plant. Use Resten as a plant holder, game organizer or, if you want, just a table. He won’t mind.

Dimensions: Length - 50” Width - 28” Height - 17”

Resten Coffee Table

Finch -

Simple, but not at all boring. Finch shares some of the features of his bigger brother, Resten, as he can store a multitude of things. He branches off though, not to be stuck in someone else’s shadow. He can nest all of the smaller versions of himself, lending a useful space savings. The smaller versions can be placed on a table top, on a shelf or anywhere you can fit him. Though they can hide in one another, they love to be seen. Available as a single table or the whole set.

Large - 15”sq, Medium - 12”sq, Small - 10”sq, Mini - 6”sq
All have a 1/2” floating base

Finch Accent Table
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